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With the merging, mingling and expansion of internet networks the competition among masses has exponentially higher in only 5 years than ever before. The websites of multiple companies need novel ideas day after day just to tackle their various contenders. For the matter, all those entities that are stuck between elevating quality of their brand rather to work on marketing need a trustworthy service to give them relief through premium web development.

Onetec Solutions has always been here to innovate fresh ideas and meritorious solutions for your and everyone’s web development issues. Ranging from e-commerce solutions to the custom mobile applications, from RM software, ERP to the content development, Onetec Solutions resolves all your dilemmas and amplify the progress of your business.

PHP Development

The acronym PHP expands to form Pre Hypertext Processor. As a popular HTML-embedded server-side scripting language, it is seen as the most opted for choice for the development of highly interactive and vivacious websites.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET is one of the chief well-liked technologies that are used today for nearly all the web applications development. We at Onetec Solutions have proficient developers who are expert in using ASP.NET the best way possible for any web project that they work on.

Web Application

The Web Applications that are produced by Onetec Solutions are developed through tireless hard work, thorough planning and immense skills. We create applications that have the power to cling to the ever-changing trends and patterns of technology. We build applications that are spotless in performance and simple in functioning.


Wanting to turn your website into an online commerce medium? If yes, then Onetec Solutions know just the right type of e-commerce system that will suit your needs. We create custom e-commerce systems that serve to the all requirements of our clients particularly.

We have dedicated ourselves for producing the supreme quality development services for any project that we may get. We abide by the principle that each client is worthy of the most unique and effective development solutions, no matter how small or big the project he comes with. Our dedicated developers work tirelessly to procure creative cutting-edge solutions for the better performance of the business of our clients.

Development Process - Long Story Short

Step 1 Communicatin: We will firstly converse with the client clearly about his vision and ideas regarding the whole project he is assigning us with.
Step 2 Planning the content: According to the requirements set by the client, we immerse ourselves into the idea and skin of the project and only then we begin planning strategies, solutions, development of the project and the timeline.
Step 3 Creating the interface: We then show the whole prepared proposal to our client, and then if required, revisions will be made as per the client’s needs.
Step 4 Coding the interface: After revising and finalizing, we will send the coded site to the client.
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