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Want an internship?
At Onetec Solutions, we welcome everyone to find opportunities with us! Doesn’t matter if you are an educated expert, a newly graduated student with no employment experience or a mere student looking for an internship, we have positions for all who are dedicated and ambitious!

In order to learn about our set criteria regarding the job position you want to apply for, follow the respective link below:

Writer - Careers
Design - Careers
SEO - Careers
Development - Careers
Sales & Support - Careers
Recruitment Coordinator - Careers
Get recruited in our tribe as an intern to have a sneak peek at what the practical world holds for you! Here at Onetec Solutions, we encourage interns to learn the progressive qualities and skills that can pilot them to a fabulous start for their career. We give the opportunities to our interns by endowing them various projects of multiple categories that may include Design, Development, Marketing and Human Resources. The interns are given full responsibility of the projects they are assigned with, so that they may learn to deal with weight of responsibility and authority before they embark on their actual career path.

To apply send us your CV today at:
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